Ariana Grande ‘Can’t Breathe’ After Mark Hamill And George Takei Pay Her Compliments On Twitter

Ariana Grande freaked out when one of her heroes unwittingly quoted her latest song.

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It all started on Saturday, Mark Hamill tweeted the phrase “Thank you, next.”

On Sunday morning, Grande was amazed to see that Luke Skywalker himself appeared to have tweeted a reference to her latest song “Thank U, Next”.

Only it turned out Hamill didn’t even realize what he was tweeting, explaining that he didn’t know about Grande’s recent hit, and that someone else had suggested he tweet the phrase. He also apologized for using “you” instead of “u” as in the song’s title.

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Grande, though, was more in awe of Hamill calling her “one of the most popular artists in the history of showbiz.”

Things only got crazier from there as another legendary sci-fi actor, “Star Trek” star George Takei retweeted Hamill’s message, adding that Grande has “the voice of an angel”.

Grande, of course, was out of sorts over the compliment from Sulu himself.



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