Twitter Can’t Believe That ‘Trumpy Bear’ (And Its Unintentionally Hilarious Commercial) Is For Real

A TV commercial for a bizarre product has been burning up the internet, with some wondering whether it’s a hilarious parody for a weird new toy paying homage to America’s 45th president.

The commercial (above) promotes Trumpy Bear, a teddy bear that resembles President Donald Trump, complete with overly long red tie, goofy-looking blonde combover and, as a bonus, an American flag blanket concealed within its fuzzy guts.

Many people who have watched the commercial swear it must be a “Saturday Night Live” spoof or similar ad parody — only to be shocked and amazed to discover it’s actually the real deal, available on the bear’s official website for “just two easy payments of $19.95.”

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As Rolling Stone points out, the commercial has been around since last year but has suddenly gone viral after being played on Fox News (the YouTube video has been viewed nearly 2.4 million times).

Twitter reaction to Trumpy Bear and its unintentionally hilarious commercial have run the gamut from utter disbelief to downright mockery, judging from these sample tweets:

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