Ireland Baldwin is one of the many celebrities sharing her experiences with the wildfires that are creating havoc in Malibu and the surrounding areas.

In a series of tweets on Sunday, the daughter of ex-spouses Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger explained that she was stopped by police, claiming the officer “literally accused us of being looters and threatened us that we were going to be arrested if we kept giving him trouble.”

“I understand that he was doing his job, but in times like this when people are losing loved ones and losing their homes, the least you can do is show compassion,” she continued.

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Baldwin then revealed that her mother’s Malibu home had burned down. “So many friends and friends and family of friends are losing everything they own in these fires,” she shared.

The 23-year-old model also weighed in on President Trump’s controversial tweet, in which he blames the fire on poor forest management (and not climate change), and threatens to cut federal funding to California.