Ellen DeGeneres Reacts To Devastating California Wildfires, Announces $100,000 Donation By Walmart

Ellen DeGeneres addresses the catastrophic California wildfires during Tuesday’s show.

DeGeneres, 60, opens the latest episode by sending her love to those affected by the horrific Thousand Oaks shooting, insisting it has been “a very difficult week here in California.”

The talk-show host then talks about the fires that have been causing devastation up and down the state.

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She insists, “I just want to point out that a lot of the homes that are making the headlines are big celebrity mansions but thousands of people of all different backgrounds have been affected by these fires.”

DeGeneres also thanks all the firefighters working on the scene, telling viewers: “They are amazing people, these firefighters. There are not enough words for us to tell the firefighters how grateful we all are to them.

“They run towards danger, they save thousands of people, they save animals and houses from burning.”

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DeGeneres then announces she reached out to Walmart for help, confirming the company would be donating $100,000 to the Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation.

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