The new trailer for the upcoming flick “Gloria Bell” has been unveiled ahead of its March 8, 2019, release date.

Julianne Moore takes on the lead role in the much-talked-about movie, which is based on Sebastian Lelio’s 2013 Spanish comedy-drama “Gloria”.

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The recently released teaser sees Moore’s character, divorced mom Gloria, have her own coming-of-age experience, hitting clubs and partying up a storm before meeting her new love Arnold (played by John Turturro).

A synopsis reads: “Gloria is a free-spirited divorcee who spends her days at a straight-laced office job and her nights on the dance floor, joyfully letting loose at clubs around Los Angeles.

“After meeting Arnold on a night out, she finds herself thrust into an unexpected new romance, filled with both the joys of budding love and the complications of dating, identity, and family.”

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Michael Cera, Sean Astin, Rita Wilson, and Brad Garrett also star.

Watch Moore discuss working on “Gloria Bell” in the clip below: