Shocking Claim: Book Alleges Canadian Director Claude Jutra Was A Pedophile

One of Canada’s most celebrated filmmakers, Quebec director Claude Jutra is now facing posthumous accusations that he was a pedophile.

The shocking claims come in a new book about the director, who committed suicide in 1986, reports The Toronto Star.

The book, by retired university film professor Yves Lever, is hitting bookstores today, and says that while Jutra’s homosexuality was an open secret, as was his “penchant for young boys.”;

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“It was generally presumed that Claude Jutra’s lovers were at least the legal age of 18 years old,”; writes Lever. “But during filming, especially in the regions, his promiscuity made it impossible to keep a secret. Jutra’s penchant for young boys was quickly noticed.”;

Adds Lever in the book: “If some friends think (Jutra’s) pedophilic practices were above all platonic, numerous testimonies reveal that this wasn’t the case. Obviously, nobody can know how many adolescents were victims of his actions. No one has ever complained to the authorities.”;

Québec Cinéma, which represents the province’s film industry, is responding with caution. “We are taking this very seriously and we’re going to follow this matter so that we will be ready to make the right decisions that may eventually have to be made,”; said Ségolène Roederer, director general of Québec Cinéma, in an interview.

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