First Look At ‘Temptation Island’ Reboot: Trailer Unveiled, Couples Revealed

One of the most scandalous reality shows of the early 2000s reality boom is poised to make a comeback, with the USA Network sharing its first trailer for its revival of “Temptation Island”.

The 10-episode revival, reports Deadline, will debut early in 2019 and will be hosted by original “Temptation Island” host Mark L. Walberg.

For those who missed out the first time round, “Temptation Island” sends four dating couples — each at a pivotal point in their respective relationships — to a tropical paradise where they must decide whether to take their relationships to a deeper level or cut bait and break up.

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Adding a devious level of complication, they’re joined by 24 single men and women, with each couple separated and mingling with these singles, with the inherent temptation putting those relationships to the test.

“In a period of revival television, the return of ‘Temptation Island’, a show that leapt onto the scene with equal parts ratings bang and media attention, makes all the sense in the world,” said David Goldberg, CEO, Banijay Studios North America, which is producing the reboot.

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“’Temptation Island’ retains key format elements but a concerted effort was made to populate the island with singles genuinely looking for love whose personalities are appealing to the four couples who are questioning the long-term viability of their relationships,” added Goldberg. “‘Temptation Island’ has never been more relevant because in so many ways it mirrors the way singles and couples navigate today’s myriad options to connect.”

In addition to the new trailer, the network has also revealed the four couples who’ll put their relationships to the test in the reality reboot:


Evan Smith (28) and Kaci Campbell (29)          

CURRENT CITY:  Los Angeles, CA

HOW THEY MET: Went to rival high schools and connected right before college

HOW LONG THEY HAVE BEEN DATING: On and off for 10 years; exclusive for the past 5 years

ABOUT: Throughout the past 10 years, Evan and Kaci have grown alongside each other through every success and hardship. They believe in one another, but something has been holding them back. Kaci is ready for marriage and motherhood, and while Evan says he is too, he just can’t bring himself to get down on one knee. Kaci is tired of waiting and knows this experience will open their minds and hearts to ensure they are soul mates and help them commit to the next stage of their life. Will Evan get cold feet or will he finally agree to propose to the woman of his dreams?


Karl Collins (31) Nicole Tutewohl (25)



HOW LONG THEY HAVE BEEN DATING: 2-and-a-half years

ABOUT: A fun, outgoing and down-to-earth couple, Karl and Nicole are always up for an adventure. They are both passionate about fitness and met at the gym while Nicole was still in another relationship. After her previous relationship fizzled, Nicole and Karl began dating and over two years later, they are trying to determine what is next for them. Both are starting to feel stagnant — but is it just that their honeymoon phase is over or are they getting bored of each other? On top of that, Nicole feels that Karl is her first true love, yet questions what “real love” even means. Will Nicole realize that she already has real love with Karl or will she let herself be stolen away by another man like once before?


Javen Butler (25) and Shari Ligons (25)

CURRENT CITY: San Francisco, CA

HOW THEY MET: High school sweethearts who met at 16


ABOUT: A fiery, passionate couple who truly see one another as best friends, Javen and Shari are embarking on this journey to prove they are really meant to be together. High school sweethearts, they believe they are soul mates but Shari still can’t get over the fact that Javen cheated on her in college. They are headed to “Temptation Island” in order to ensure she can trust Javen again, Shari knows this experience will test their loyalty and love more than ever before. All the while, Javen would like for Shari to experience dating other men since she’s never dated anyone else besides him. Will Javen stray and cheat again or will he prove to Shari that he is a changed man?


John Thurmond (35) and Kady Cannon Krambeer (30)


HOW THEY MET: The dating app Bumble


ABOUT: Kady is a country girl who has always been the long-term girlfriend, but never the bride. After meeting John, she finally felt she met her partner in life. John and Kady balance each other out and push one another to be the best versions of themselves. However, Kady constantly questions John’s masculinity and has always wanted an “Alpha guy.” The two of them both thought they were ready to take the leap towards marriage, but something held them back. As they got closer to that monumental step, they began to re-evaluate and together they want to use this journey to figure out who they are separately. Will the couple’s self-control be stronger than you think?

“Temptation Island” will debut on Jan. 15, 2019.

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