‘Boardwalk Empire’ Actress Paz De La Huerta Sues Harvey Weinstein For $60 Million Over Alleged Rape

Actress Paz de la Huerta is one of many women to have accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault; now, the former “Boardwalk Empire” star is taking her allegations to court.

As the New York Times reports, the 34-year-old actress first made the allegations last year in an interview with Vanity Fair, claiming that the disgraced movie mogul raped her on two separate occasions in 2010.

A police investigation was launched but the district attorney declined to press charges.

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The actress is now suing Weinstein, 66, for a whopping $60 million in damages, claiming that her non-consensual sexual encounters with him left her emotionally shattered, causing her “severe emotional distress” that led her to drink heavily. She also alleges (although no evidence is provided) that he quashed her career just as it was heating up.

In her lawsuit, de la Huerta says she “was warned by Weinstein that any effort to take legal action against him would fail and would prompt him to interfere with her future success and career as an actress.”

At the time she made her initial allegations, NYPD officials and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio described her story as “highly credible,” but the Manhattan DA’s office could not corroborate one of the dates on which de la Huerta claimed she had been raped by Weinstein, and didn’t pursue charges.

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According to the Times, de la Huerta’s lawyer said the lawsuit “seeks to use archived photos to corroborate Ms. de la Huerta’s claims, showing that she and Mr. Weinstein were at the locations where she has said the assaults occurred.”

Weinstein’s lawyer, Benjamin Brafman, refutes her allegations, noting in a statement that the Manhattan district attorney’s office rejected de la Huerta’s claims “for obvious reasons.”

He dismissed the claims in her lawsuit as “equally preposterous and unfortunately, the product of an unstable personality with a vivid imagination.”

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Weinstein is currently battling two sexual assault charges after an additional charge was dismissed; he is currently free on a $1-million bail after being arrested in May.



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