Michelle Obama Talks Trying To Break Out Of The White House, Does Her Best Barack Impression On ‘Ellen’

Michelle Obama appears on Thursday’s “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” to discuss her much-talked about memoir “Becoming” in an hour-long interview.

Obama, 54, talks about everything from attempting to break out of the White House to celebrate the legalization of same-sex marriages, to describing her daughter Malia’s heavily guarded prom send-off.

As DeGeneres, 60, asks the former First Lady about the moment she tried to flee her former home with Malia, she says: “I’m like, dang, they know we’re moving. It’s like, ‘Let’s not take the elevator. Come on, you and me, go down the stairs.’

“So we rush down the stairs and you can see the agent thinking, ‘Why are they running?’ And he doesn’t quite know what to do, so he starts following us. I was like, ‘Run faster, run faster.'”

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“We go to the door and the door’s locked, by now there are many people behind us and they don’t know what to do. They’re calling for people like, ‘She’s trying to get out.’ It took 15 minutes to get out,” she continues, adding that the pair finally got to have their mom/daughter moment in front of the house, which was lit up in the LGBT colours.

Obama goes on to throw shade at Donald Trump when asked about who had the bigger inauguration crowd, with her also telling DeGeneres about the time Malia got sent to prom with a lot of back-up.

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She says of her daughter’s date, “I told Malia ‘Make sure his car is clean,’ if you know what I mean.”

Obama’s interview also sees her do her best Barack impression in a hilarious game of “Ellen’s Hot Seat”. See more in the clip below:

Not ending the special there, Obama and DeGeneres then go to Costco for an impromptu book signing:

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