Tom Hiddleston Gets Fans Worked Up Over Mysterious ‘Betrayal’ Teaser

Tom Hiddleston sure knows how to tease his fans.

On Wednesday, the “Avengers” actor tweeted out a mysterious teaser for a new project he’s working on.

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The clip features Hiddleston in a suit, coming into focus as he walks toward the camera, staring at something we can’t see while his expression turns more and more grim. The word “betrayal” appears on the screen in bold letters and the teaser ends.

According to London Theatre, the teaser is for a new staging of Harold Pinter’s 1978 play Betrayal, set to open in London’s West End in March 2019.

The play is about married couples Emma and Robert, and Judith and Jerry, and centres on an affair between two of the characters, with a unique reverse-chronological structure beginning after the affair is already over.

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Without any details of the play, the enigmatic clip left fans reeling, searching for the meaning behind it, and wondering whether it may be an ad for a new Hiddleston film.



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