Michelle Obama Says Things She Could Never Say As First Lady On ‘Kimmel’

Jimmy Kimmel welcomed a very special guest to Thursday night’s edition of his late-night talk show: Michelle Obama.

“You remember Mrs. Obama? From when we had a United States?” Kimmel asked his audience.

“Our former First Lady is here to share stories from her new autobiography, Becoming. As in, ‘What the hell is this country Becoming?’” he quipped.

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In a clip from the show (above), Michelle tells Kimmel that during her eight years in the White House she had to be very careful about what she said. Now that she’s no longer First Lady, however, she can say whatever the heck she wants, and unleashed all the things she’s been keeping under wraps for all those years in a hilarious “JKL!” bit.

Reading off cards prepared by Kimmel’s writers, she began: “I’ve never eaten a vegetable.”

Other revelations included, “The whole eight years we were in the White House we used Laura Bush’s Netflix password,” and, “I stole the phrase ‘When they go low, we go high’ from the back of a Snapple cap.”

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She also quipped: “I’m not sure which one is Sasha and which one is Malia,” adding an ad-lib: “You know? They agree!”

The entire interview aired on Thursday’s edition of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and saw Michelle talk about her time in the White House, which included living with her mother, and having to pay for their own food while living there.

The former First Lady also dished on her celebrity text buddies, how her and Barack are boring now they’re unemployed, and whether her daughters, Sasha and Malia, would run for President one day.

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