Bette Midler does not hold back when it comes to speaking her mind on Twitter, especially when the Trumps are concerned, but her latest tweet about Melania has put her in hot water.

The 72-year-old entertainer is facing a backlash from fans for a crude dig she made at the first lady. In the offending tweet, Midler shared an image of Melania from a 2000 British GQ photoshoot, in which the former model is posed in the cockpit of a private jet, wearing a see-through chain-link swimsuit.

Photo: Twitter/Image censored by ET Canada
Photo: Twitter/Image censored by ET Canada

Midler captioned the photo with a joke about Air Force One, and the hashtag “#FLOT**S,” referencing Melania’s partially exposed breasts.

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The “Hocus Pocus” star, who last month apologized after tweeting that women “are the n-word of the world,” came under fire once again from social media users.

“What a crass and inelegant remark,” one Twitter user wrote. “Perhaps upbringing is harder to overcome than previously thought. Money hasn’t bought you class, Betty.”

Another tweeted: “Disagree on politics all day long, but this is a mean-spirited and childish jab at a woman’s choices. THIS is what has finally made me put away my love for your great talent. You are a hypocrite.”

“Shame in you, I find it so sad, you were one of my heroes growing up and to see this on your Twitter feed actually makes me feel ill. While I was never a fan of Michelle Obama I will always respect her as flotus. Shame on you.”

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Others were angry that Midler was attacking a fellow woman.

“I love you and loathe that whole family but no. Just no. Pick apart her dangerous actions, not her body/use thereof. Women deserve better than this,” one fan responded.

Added another: “This what look like when leftist can’t argue, they go so low …pretending to champion women’s rights ..but don’t care to ruin and malign every women who does not agree with them..”

“Woman lift each other up. I just lost all respect for you.”

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There were some fans, however, who remained on the Broadway legend’s side.

“Ignore the haters. You are amazing and very loved!” one fan wrote.

“Love your humor!!” said another.

“Relax people! Bette’s a comedian with every right to make a joke about that ghastly outfit. I wish #JoanRivers were still around to chime in! Now it’s the right wing who is being overly PC…THIS is bullying? Hypocrites.

Midler has yet to respond to the reaction.