Lead Singer Of ‘Fake’ Band Threatin Speaks Out, Says We’re All A Part Of The ‘Illusion’

The lead singer of the ‘fake’ band that managed to dupe several UK music venues into letting them perform to empty rooms is now speaking out for the first time.

Jered Threatin, who is the frontman of rock group Threatin, addressed on Twitter the confusing situation that saw him book out an entire European tour despite having no fans.

“I turned an empty room into an international headline,” he wrote, implying that the whole thing was some sort of satirical attack on the music industry rather than an attention-seeking publicity stunt.

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Threatin held auditions for band members on the promise that they would travel with him on an all-expenses-paid tour of Europe. The band’s ‘promoter’ later claimed to have sold hundreds of tickets to shows throughout the UK.

Despite the bold claims and large amounts of Facebook fans only a few dozen people turned up to the gigs; on one night, it was reported that the Californian rock group played to an entirely empty room.

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“They said he’d had all these hits across Europe and had toured the States. It looked really dodgy,” Lute guitarist Ed Truscott told the Manchester Evening News. Truscott’s band had been asked to support Threatin at their Manchester show.

“I think maybe Jered thought he could put this together and people would turn up, or support bands would bring the people with them,” Truscott continued. “Maybe he figures he’ll put a tour together and people would just be there.”

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“What’s bizarre is that nobody has gained from it in any financial way. Bands have lost money if they’ve had to travel…. We still don’t know for sure whether he was behind the false ticket sales and Facebook fans. Who knows who is working with him — that’s the mystery, really.”



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