Gwyneth Paltrow Sobs As Ashley Graham Recalls Having Sex ‘Too Soon’ In Relationships During Goop Podcast

Ashley Graham brings Gwyneth Paltrow to tears during the latest episode of the actress’ Goop podcast.

The model, 31, says her early dating history involved “having sex too soon” with “mentally, physically and emotionally abusive men” before she found the love of her life: husband Justin Ervin, 29. But it took a terrible relationship in her early 20s to get to where she is today.

“I knew that I was a stronger woman for breaking up with him, and in feeling stronger for breaking up with him I was like, ‘What is it that I need to do to change myself so I don’t get back into that situation?'” she says of her abusive partner. “And in that ‘a-ha’ moment, I was like, ‘My problem is, I keep giving it up too soon. I keep having sex too soon with these guys.'”

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Making the decision to refrain from sex until she was married, Graham says she had a “little issue with some tequila” one night, causing her mother to suggest she go to rehab or church to mend her ways. As fate would have it, Graham chose church, and met her future husband there, though she admits it wasn’t exactly “love at first sight” following their first coffee date after Ervin made her pay.

“So I was like, ‘Great, I have another cheap guy.’ And he said that a man always appreciates it when a woman attempts to grab her wallet. So I was through with him, girl, I erased his number, done,” she explains. But a month later, Ervin told Graham he was looking for “a wife” and took the model out again. This time he picked up the cheque.

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Two years later, the pair tied the knot.

“And he and I did not break my rule — and his rule as well — because I didn’t know that he was also trying to wait until he was married to have sex as well,” Graham says of their love story, which apparently moved Paltrow to tears.

“I have to tell you, in all my podcasts this is the only time I’ve cried since Oprah,” she says, sobbing.




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