Ellen Pompeo, Gina Rodriguez, Emma Roberts, and Gabrielle Union discuss women’s constant fight for equal pay in a new interview with PorterEdit.

Pompeo, 49, who famously renegotiated her “Grey’s Anatomy” salary to bag a whopping $20 million a season to make her one of the highest-paid women on television, explains: “We’re in very rarified air. Women with normal jobs are in different situations to us so I sort of feel very out of touch or arrogant even, to talk about my fight for my pay because I was in a very specific situation where I had a very real number.

“I had seen that ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ had grossed $3.7 billion over 15 years and I could take that very real number and attribute my face, my voice. Even though we struggle in our industries, we’re struggling a lot less than, let’s say, people who are working normal jobs.”

Union, 46, who is known for playing bad-ass roles on screen, continues: “You feel like a jackass; you feel like you should just be grateful and be quiet because it’s more [money] than others [make].

“But at the same time, when those lists come out, when Forbes drops the top-paid actresses in television or the top-paid actresses in film, and there’s no women of colour on it, it’s like, well why didn’t you speak up?”

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Roberts, 27, who is known for “Scream Queens” and “American Horror Story”, continues, according to Just Jared: “I’ve taken less money knowing I’m taking less than a male co-star because they’re telling me this is as much as we’re going to give you. Your male co-star is getting more; if you don’t take this deal, another girl will.

“And I take it because I’m so passionate [about the project]. I was embarrassed to tell my friends because what if my girlfriends are making as much money as their male co-stars.”

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Rodriguez, 34, who rose to fame on “Jane the Virgin”, adds: “I’ve recently been faced with being offered a project where my fellow actress was offered it prior [to me].

“She tells me how much she was getting paid for it, and then I ask for the same amount and they say no because you’re not worth that much and she was because she’s bigger than I am. But it’s the same job, the same amount of hours.”