Mariah Carey Loves Christmas So Much That ‘I Have Real Reindeer That Come To My House’

Mariah Carey will forever be known for her holiday mega-smash “All I Want for Christmas Is You”, and it shouldn’t be surprising that the “elusive chanteuse” celebrates her favourite holiday with even more over-the-top extravagance than she does with, well, pretty much everything.

Appearing with Cayman Kelly of SiriusXM’s Heart & Soul Channel, Carey opened up about how she celebrates the holidays.

“I should have a Christmas budget,” the 48-year-old singer quipped with a laugh. “People don’t realize how much it costs to go and do the whole Christmas experience, the extravaganza that I do, darling.”

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Asked to elaborate, she pointed out that her holiday celebrations include a visit from the big man himself. “Santa Claus comes, the real Santa,” she declared. “I know him.”

And when St. Nick drops by, so do his reindeer.

“The real reindeer are actually there,” she continued. “Now people think I’m making this up, but it’s true. I have real reindeer that come to my house. Yes, darling. I don’t play around.”

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This isn’t the first time the “Glitter” star has demonstrated some extreme views about her favourite holiday. Last year, she offered a hilarious diva-like response to a tweet from Ryan Seacrest, who asked when it was appropriate to take down one’s Christmas tree.

“Dahhling!” she replied. “Not till July 4th!”

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