Kanye West Donates $150,000 To Family Of Chicago Nightclub Security Guard Mistakenly Killed By Police

Kanye West is demonstrating that his heart is in the right place by making a generous donation to the family of a Chicago nightclub security guard who was mistakenly shot and killed by police while subduing an armed gunman who had opened fire in the club.

As the Chicago Tribune reports, 26-year-old Jemel Roberson had managed to wrest the weapon away from the gunman and had him pinned to the floor when the police arrived.

However, the arrival of the officers ended in tragedy when an officer immediately shot and killed Roberson, who was wearing a uniform that clearly identified him as security.

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The cop, an eyewitness tells the Tribune, “didn’t give [Roberson] any chance to identify himself or anything. He just started shooting. I think it was more out of fear. You know what I’m saying? Just fear.”

As Roberson’s family demands answers, a GoFundMe page was set up in order to raise money for the slain man’s pregnant wife and infant son.

Since being set up five days ago, the fundraising effort has more than doubled its $150,000 goal, thanks in large part to 10 $15,000 pledges made by West, who was apparently so moved by the story that he took it upon himself to make a total contribution of $150,000.

West has not yet commented on his generous donation.

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