Mariah Carey On ‘Glitter’ Soundtrack Hitting #1 On iTunes 17 Years After Its Release: ‘It’s A Thing’

Mariah Carey had a lot to talk about when she dropped by Jimmy Fallon’s “Tonight Show” couch on Friday, including her new album Caution and the enduring popularity of her holiday classic “All I Want for Christmas Is You”.

She also addressed the phenomenal #JusticeForGlitter social media movement that saw her devoted “lambs” send the soundtrack for her much-maligned 2001 movie to the top of the iTunes charts, hitting the #1 spot on the charts 17 years after its initial release.

“Actually, #JusticeForGlitter was directed at me because I never do songs from that soundtrack,” Carey told Fallon of the out-of-the-blue fan movement.

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“It was a tough time when it came out, it was a whole thing, a drama I don’t want to get into because it will change the mood,” she continued, admitting that the soundtrack for the critically panned film is actually “a good album.”

She added: “The fact that Glitter even came back as a thing, it’s a thing.”

Earlier in the week, the 48-year-old diva sat down for an interview at Genius HQ to discuss her songwriting — which just happened to be the same night that the Glitter soundtrack hit #1. During her chat, she also confirmed that she’s in the midst of writing her memoirs — although she admitted, “I’m trying not to give it all away.” Watch:

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