Donald Trump Makes An Inappropriate Sex Joke To Supreme Court Justice’s Widow And Twitter Runs With It

Donald Trump is no stranger to making off-the-cuff comments that have been criticized for being wildly inappropriate, and he did it again during Friday’s ceremony awarding the prestigious Medal of Freedom.

One of the recipients of the medal, the U.S. government’s highest civilian honour, was late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, who passed away at age 79 in 2016.

Accepting the award was Scalia’s widow, Maureen, and after introducing the Scalias’ nine children, Trump couldn’t help but toss out a zinger like he was at a celebrity roast.

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“You were very busy, wow. Wow,” joked the president, pausing for effect before turning to the audience and adding, “I always knew I liked him.”

Twitter was quick to chime in — as always, hilariously. Check out this sampling:



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