Busy Philipps Recalls ‘Really Traumatic And Disastrous’ Experience With ‘Blades Of Glory’

One of the more fascinating stories Busy Philipps recounts in her new autobiography This Will Only Hurt a Little is her involvement in the Will Ferrell figure-skating comedy “Blades of Glory”, which she says she co-wrote with then-boyfriend Craig Cox, only to see her name conspicously absent from the credits once the film was actually made.

As Phillips writes, she and Cox came up with the idea while she was shooting “White Chicks” in Vancouver and finding herself watching an inordinate amount of figure skating on television. She describes how she and Cox broke down the outline and wrote a first draft of the script with Cox’s brother, Jeff, even writing a role for herself — only to learn later that the brothers dropped her name from the script and sold it without her knowledge.

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On Saturday, the “Busy Tonight” host spoke at the Vulture Festival in Los Angeles, reports Deadline, and told the audience about the “really traumatic and disastrous” experience, and how she then experienced “PTSD panic” when she recently happened upon a Nerdist article about the history of the film, which declared that the Cox brothers came up with the idea and wrote the screenplay.

“That’s not what happened. I read that, and I lost my s**t,” she said. After a “very intense” text exchange with her ex, he apologized to her and then arranged for the article to be corrected to reflect her involvement. “I basically was like, ‘You’re basic, and you’re dead to me, and have fun reading my f**king book, you mother**ker.’”

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In fact, Phillips goes into much detail in her book about what transpired from her perspective, pointing out at the Vulture Festival that her experience is sadly not uncommon for women in Hollywood. 

“Historically this is a thing that happens. Women’s ideas and creativity get taken by men who are near them, and used for their own personal gain,” she said, admitting she was “really traumatized” by the experience.




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