‘Scrubs’ Cast Reunites For Vulture Festival, Series Creator Bill Lawrence Says ‘Maybe’ To A Reboot Movie

The cast and producers of “Scrubs” reunited for a session at Saturday’s Vulture Festival in Los Angeles, where they addressed the ever-present question of whether the beloved medical comedy — which ended its nine-season run in 2010 — would ever be revived in a reboot.

Series creator Bill Lawrence offered an answer: no for another “Scrubs” TV series, but “maybe” for a standalone movie.

“I would do anything to not only get to work with not only this group, but the writers, and do it again,” said Lawrence, as reported by Deadline. “It was the best time in my life… you can never equal that experience. But that said, sometimes reboots, not all the time, but sometimes, they feel like a money grab.”

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However, Lawrence admitted that there could be extenuating circumstances that could lead to a change of heart.

“If this group came to me destitute and unemployed and said, ‘Oh my God, we need to do “Scrubs” again,’ or the crew did, or the writing staff did, then we would do it,” Lawrence conceded, “but you are looking at a group of people who work whenever and however they want to, because of how talented they are.”

If a “Scrubs” reboot were to transpire, he added, “If we ever do it, it’ll be a short little movie or something like that.”

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One of the challenges Lawrence sees in a potential reboot is the passage of time, which would presumably see the characters in very different places in their lives than they were 18 years ago.

“When people have asked me about doing the show again, the problem for me is i would want to see where everybody is in their life, I would want to see where their marriage is,” he explained

“The janitor is back in the CIA,” quipped star Ken Jenkins (who played Dr. Kelso), while Judy Reyes (nurse Carla Esposito) revealed where she saw her character.

“I definitely see her with a couple of kids,” she said, “and you know we talked about early in ‘Scrubs’ about her aspiring to be a doctor, but I liked her running the show as a nurse.”

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As Lawrence pointed out, it was the show’s devoted fans who kept the show on the air, which allowed him and the writers to push the envelope.

“We lived in a time that once your show had a very passionate fan base, you knew you could stay on for a while, if you kept doing things that people were really enjoying,” he added.

Star Zach Braff fuelled rumours of a potential revival when he shared a photo of the reunited cast on Twitter, along with a caption reading, “Season 10?”

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