Danny DeVito Responds To College Students’ Bizarre Bathroom Shrine To Him: ‘My Heart Is Full Of Love And Garbage’

Hidden in a secret room accessed through a bathroom in a New York university is a weird shrine devoted to the worship of Danny DeVito.

Located in a creepy dark room, hidden behind the paper-towel dispenser in State University of New York’s Purchase College, the bizarre shrine pays homage to the “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” star.

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After students began sharing photos and videos on social media, the shrine went viral:

SUNY Purchase student Kaitlin Balfe told the Press Association about how she became aware of the weird tribute to the former “Taxi” star.

“I found out about the shrine through a friend who went. It was super low key, not a lot of people knew about it,” she explained.

“The shrine’s funny. You walk in and people’s offerings are just obvious junk [they] had in their pockets. I left a coin when I went the first time, and later went with a friend with pictures of Danny we printed out,” she added.

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“It’s kinda just a huge meme that really would only be found at SUNY Purchase,” she continued. “Like, no one who goes here is at all surprised it’s there. It’s people who don’t go here who are freaking out.”

Once the existence of the shrine started to become widely known, an online petition was launched to enlist DeVito, 74, to speak at SUNY Purchase 2019 commencement ceremony.

On Friday, DeVito responded, admitting the shrine “honours me,” adding, “My heart is filled with love and garbage,” encouraging students to “be kind to each other” in addition to requesting they “pick up trash, recycle, and be aware of plastics in the ocean.”

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