‘Doctor Who’ Fan With Cystic Fibrosis Gets Surprise Of A Lifetime From Jodie Whittaker

One impressive young fan got her very own “Doctor Who” adventure.

Anna is a cool, confident and well-spoken 9-year-old girl living with cystic fibrosis. Anna and her family love watching “Doctor Who” and the little girl is over-the-moon to have a female doctor on the small screen.

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Anna was filmed by BBC for what she believed was a documentary about young “Doctor Who” fans. Little did she know the production was all about her.

The young girl and her family were watching an episode of “Doctor Who” when lead actress Jodie Whittaker suddenly sprang on screen. “Hi Anna, it’s me, Jodie. I’m the new Doctor,” Whittaker said. “I have heard that you are a big fan of the show. So I wondered… do you want to come to set? You and your brother?”

Anna and her brother were invited to the “Doctor Who” set to meet the show’s companions: Graham O’Brien, Ryan Sinclair and Yasmin Khan.

The kids went for a ride in the TARDIS, examined the many monsters of “Doctor Who” and, of course, met The Doctor.

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Whittaker surprised Anna in matching “Doctor Who” outfits. Anna asked Whittaker what it was like to be cast as the first female Doctor and Whittaker questioned Anna about cystic fibrosis.

The touching surprise for Anna was part of BBC’s annual “Children in Need” telethon which aired Friday.

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