With her sci-fi hit show Lost Girl wrapped, Anna Silk is making time to expand her family, and she wanted to be sure to capture it on camera with a nude photoshoot.

“I’ve never been super-shy about my body,”; Anna tells ET Canada, “and pregnancy is a really special time.”;

The shoot, photographed by Anna’s pal Faye Sadou, had a mystical, Indian feel, with Anna showing off some yoga poses and being covered in golden body paint, which took hours to apply.

“I’m pretty patient, but it’s harder to sit still when you’re this pregnant.”;

The baby will be Anna’s second boy. She and hubby Seth Copperman, a writer and actor, also have a two-year-old named Sam.

“We went to the park, and there was a dad there who just had a second one. He looked over at me and just said, “Just so you know, one plus one does not equal two,'”; Anna says laughing. Don’t say you weren’t warned!

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