TV Crew Intervene To Save Baby Penguins While Filming Heartbreaking David Attenborough Documentary

Sunday night’s BBC documentary “Dynasties” had viewers on the edge of their seats as a group of baby penguins were left fighting for their lives.

Twitter users admitted they’d been left in tears as they watched a group of emperor penguins fight the horrific Antarctica winter weather.

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The scene that got everybody talking in particular, though, featured a bunch of baby chicks that were abandoned by their mothers, leaving the TV crew to step in.

Director William Lawson told the camera, “We’ve given it a lot of thought, we’ve decided we’re definitely going to dig a shallow ramp that they’ll hopefully use.”

Social media users were relieved once the penguins were saved, with many slamming the mothers for leaving their babies to die.

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See more of the online reaction below:

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