Mariah Carey Talks ‘Prince Of Egypt’ 1998 VMAs Moment With Whitney Houston

“Glitter” songstress Mariah Carey is talking about her friendship with the late Whitney Houston on MTV’s “TRL”, recalling their time together while promoting their duet  “When You Believe” from the animated film “The Prince Of Egypt”.

“One of my favourite moments of my whole career,” Carey says during an episode of MTV “TRL” last week.

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“It was incredibly humbling,” she says of their duet for the 1998 film. “I always revere her talent. We got along great. For all the stories of ‘Oh they didn’t get along,’ we had so much fun. We’d be promoting and behind the scenes just laughing the entire time.

The 1998 VMAs also marked a memorable time for the two divas, especially after a wardrobe panic.

The two planned on appearing on stage to present the award for Best Male Video, stepping out on stage in matching brown gowns. But problems arose when one of the dresses wasn’t delivered until the last minute.

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“I’m trying to remember. I’m not sure if it was her dress or my dress that was not delivered until it needed a police escort to get the dress,” Carey says before a fan shouts that it was indeed her dress.

“We were there together, like, what are we gonna do we’re supposed to have matching dresses,” she recalls. “The police brought the dress, we got there together and the ‘try it on me’ was what I screamed was the last minute thing that I said.”

Carey speaks fondly of her friend Houston, who died in 2012.

“We had great times. If you watch the video for ‘The Prince Of Egypt’ there’s a lot of the behind-the-scenes moments and I look at it and I just…it’s so sad that we’ve lost her but I think she made an indelible mark on the world.”




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