Cher Opens Up About Love, Fame And More In Elle Interview

At age 72, Cher is busier than ever, having just completed a leg of her Las Vegas residency while a new musical based on her musical career will debut on Broadway next month.

With “The Cher Show on Broadway” on the way, the music icon sat down for an in-depth interview with Elle, looking back on a career that spans six decades.

In the interview, Cher dishes on her relationships such famous men as Warren Beatty, whom she first met when he almost ran her over in his white Lincoln Continental.

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Not realizing who nearly hit her, Cher told him,  “Are you nuts?” before recognizing who she was chastising. “Then I looked at his face, and I thought, ‘My God, it’s Warren Beatty.'”

They began dating, Cher reveals, adding: “But you can’t call it a relationship. It was very Warren.”

She also recalls the first time she met future husband and singing partner Sonny Bono: “I swear, it was like the Maria and Tony scene [from ‘West Side Story’],” she says. “Everyone just disappeared. He was the most unusual person I’d ever seen. He had longish hair, and he had the most beautiful suit on, and beautiful long fingers, and Beatle boots, but they were Cuban heels.”

When she and Bono first began tasting fame, she admits it didn’t quite sink in at first. “Kids liked it, but adults just hated us,” Cher remembers. “I mean, really hated us. Fistfights hate.”

And when success did strike courtesy of the chart success of the couple’s 1965 hit “I Got You Babe”, it happened quickly.

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“It sounds so dumb, but everything happened so fast,” she says. “I didn’t even know where I was. One day we were poor. Two days, three days later, we were famous.’”

Cher also reveals that some of the most pivotal moments in her life came about because she acted on instinct — although she admits it “doesn’t always” work.

“Look, I’ve had huge failures in my life,” she says. “Huge dips and ‘Oh, you’re over. You’re over.’ This one guy once said, ‘You’re over,’ every year for I don’t know how many years. And I just said to him, ‘You know what? I will be here when you’re not doing what you do anymore.’ I had no idea if I was right or wrong. I was just tired of hearing him say it.”

You can read the interview in its entirety in the December issue of Elle.

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