Chrissy Teigen joins Ellen DeGeneres for a full hour on Tuesday’s show and wastes no time in quizzing guest Michael B. Jordan about his dating life.

Teigen, who says she has lots of friends who love the “Black Panther” actor, doesn’t hold back and immediately asks him if he’s ever hooked up with someone via direct message.

Jordan admits, “Yes, I have. I’m human, I’m human. Not often, but yes I have.”

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He adds of why he’s still single: “I’ve been working [like] crazy, so not really had the time to properly date.”

Teigen’s appearance also sees her joke about her “horrible feet,” before she tries to hide them from the camera.

She insists, “I have Asian jungle feet that were meant to climb trees!”

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DeGeneres then shares a perfume ad she put together in case Teigen decides to create her own signature fragrance, with the duo also posing for a holiday photo alongside Jordan with one lucky fan.