Mel B Admits She Was Left ‘Traumatized’ After Having To Watch Herself In 64 Sex Tapes Amid Bitter Divorce Battle

Mel B talks about the “traumatizing” experience of watching 64 sex tapes amid her bitter divorce battle with ex-husband Stephen Belafonte in her new book Brutally Honest.

Mel, 43, writes about how she agreed to drop domestic violence charges against her ex in order to prevent the footage from being shown in open court — a decision she now regrets.

The Spice Girls singer says in an excerpt published by the Sun, “Looking back now, that was a deal I regret. That was the most difficult time for me. You see, I had to sit down and watch those tapes. It was a legal requirement, believe it or not. And you might think, ‘So what? You’re in them, aren’t you? Having sex with whoever. It’s no big deal you had to watch them.’

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“I have taken drugs. I have drunk alcohol. I have had threesomes to please my partner. I have no memory of some of the sexual situations I have seen myself in on video. I am frightened when I see myself in some of these videos. I have seen myself used sexually in a way that I did not enjoy or want. Traumatized. It is an understatement.”

The star, who also opens up about attempting to commit suicide by swallowing 200 pills in the book, says threesomes were held in their family home: “Sometimes we would invite people to our house. We were always on the top floor, several levels above the children.

“I would always make sure I got the girl home, that she was OK, that everything was OK. I grew quite close to some of these girls. I still see them every now and again and we talk. They are glad I’ve left him.

“I know there are a lot of people out there (my mother included) who would never find this funny. Just seedy, sordid or another word ­beginning with ‘s’, like sleazy.”

Brutally Honest is to be released on Nov. 27.

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