John Oliver Reunites With Russell Crowe’s Jockstrap For Arnie Hammer-Starring ‘The Wax And The Furious’

John Oliver wrapped up the current season of “Last Week Tonight” on Sunday by combining two bizarre purchases made by the show: wax replicas of five U.S. presidents and the leather jockstrap worn by Russell Crowe in “Gladiator”.

The result was a faux sequel to “The Fast and the Furious” that Oliver described as “the single dumbest possible way to pay tribute to the most wonderfully stupid thing that happened this year.”

As Oliver explained, last year the HBO series purchased wax versions of former POTUSes Bill Clinton, Warren G. Harding, Richard Nixon, William Harrison and Jimmy Carter. Then, in 2018, the jockstrap was among items the show purchased from Crowe’s “The Art of Divorce” memorabilia auction, which was sent to be placed on display on the last Blockbuster Video location still in business, in Alaska.

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When that Blockbuster was shut down, the whereabouts of the jockstrap became murky — until now. In fact, the jockstrap is back in Oliver’s possession, and he’s using it, the wax presidents and special guest star Armie Hammer to create “The Wax and the Furious”, a spoof sequel in which the “Lone Ranger” star assembles a waxy crew consisting of Tricky Dick, Jimmy C-Note, Willy Pneumonia, Billy Wheels and G-Dawg, who conspire to pull off a daring heist to recapture the the jockstrap.

Just as the gang is seemingly about to accomplish its mission, tragedy strikes when a competing crew winds up stealing the jockstrap right out from under them, at the behest of a mystery client — who is revealed to be none other than Crowe himself.

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“Hello my pretty, I’ve missed you,” Crowe tenderly tells his jockstrap. “Welcome home.”

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time that the five wax presidents have appeared in a spoof movie trailer. Check out the fake five alongside the actual Tom Hanks in the trailer for thriller “Wax Presidents”:

Look for another season of “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” to debut in early 2019.

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