Brad Pitt Seeks To Have Hurricane Katrina Homes Lawsuit Dismissed

Brad Pitt’s legal team says his name should not be attached to a lawsuit involving New Orleans homeowners.

A class action lawsuit was levied against the actor and his Make It Right Foundation over homes built following Hurricane Katrina. The lawsuit claims Pitt’s charity sold affordable, “defectively and improperly constructed homes” to residents seeking shelter.

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The “World War Z” star’s legal team said “Mr. Pitt cannot simply be lumped together with other defendants and held liable for alleged conduct in which he is not even alleged to have participated,” in court documents obtained by ET Canada.

His legal team noted how the “petition contains no allegations that Mr. Pitt committed any act or omission, other than in his capacity as a Director, which allegedly caused plaintiffs emotional distress, much less a physical injury.”

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Pitt is only asking for his name to be removed from the lawsuit, not his foundation’s. That is because Pitt allegedly had no involvement in building the supposedly damaged homes.

The houses allegedly suffered from mold, rotten wood and ventilation issues.

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