Ivanka Trump Email Scandal Hypocrisy Inspires Plenty Of Late-Night Jokes

Hillary Clinton wasn’t the only one using her private email address to conduct government business.

This week the news broke that Ivanka Trump, daughter and adviser to the U.S. president, has sent hundreds of government-related emails using her private account, and the late-night comics couldn’t get enough of the hypocrisy.

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Global’s “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” opened with a clip comparing the coverage in 2016 of Clinton’s private email use to Ivanka’s, and the difference is hilariously stark.

On Fox News, the clip shows anchors railing against Clinton, and in a bit of clever editing, when it comes to Ivanka’s scandal, they are all dead silent until Fox host Tucker Carlson finally switches subjects to talk about whether pandas are “sex-crazed killing machines.”

Jimmy Kimmel also addressed the scandal during his opening monologue, telling the audience, “Sometimes the jokes write themselves.”

He continued, “The president, though, does not play favourites when it comes to the law. He’s very serious about email-related offences and he had some harsh words today for his own flesh and blood.”

Kimmel then cut to a series of clips of Trump railing against Clinton for her use of personal email.

On “Late Night”, host Seth Meyers joked about Ivanka’s personal email use being a “closely held secret” in the White House.

“Not as closely held? Don Jr. as a child,” Meyers joked.

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