Jimmy Kimmel confronted Michael B. Jordan over a cut “Creed II” scene when the actor appeared on “JKL!” Tuesday.

Jordan, 31, filmed some “special parts” of the film alongside Kimmel, 51, over the summer; however, they failed to make it to the big screen.

Kimmel told Jordan: “I was here with you, sitting right next to you, over the summer. It was not on the air. We were pretending to be on the show. You were in character for ‘Creed II’ for a scene. A big exciting scene! Some said it was the highlight of the film.

“But somewhere along the way, something happened to that scene…”

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Jordan replied, “Listen, everybody in that scene was great. [But] we had one weak link.”

Kimmel then pointed out that the only ones in the scene in question were those two and Tessa Thompson, to which Jordan quipped: “And me and Tessa [are] in the rest of the movie…”

As the actor told him lots of things “end up on the editing room floor” in movies, Kimmel asked to be one of the Blu-ray DVD extras.

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Jordan’s appearance also saw him “punch” Kimmel right in the face, as the host asked him to demonstrate how he filmed those scenes during the much-talked-about movie.

See more in the clip below: