Country Star Kane Brown Talks About Being Called The N-Word While Growing Up

Kane Brown is opening up about the serious prejudice he faced as a child.

The breakout country star spoke to People about the racism he experienced as the son of a white mother and black father who was not in his life.

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“I’m biracial; I didn’t know that until I was seven or eight years old,” the 25-year-old admitted. “I thought I was full white, which honestly, I can’t even really say because I didn’t see colours.”

That soon changed as Brown went to middle school in Georgia.

“I found out that I was biracial and I still wasn’t thinking anything of it but then I started getting called the N-word,” he recalled. “I didn’t even know what it meant. I learned what it meant, and that’s when it started affecting me. I got in fights over it when I was little.”

Brown explained that he didn’t let the comments get to him too much. “I just kind of got over it,” he said. “They just made me stronger. I guess it was God. Hopefully, I can help kids and they can end up being stronger in the long run, too.”

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The racism didn’t end in school, though; they followed him into the country music scene.

“When I first got into country, I started getting some of those comments like, ‘He’s an N-word.’ Stuff like that,” he said. “I used to screenshot it and put it on Twitter, like, ‘There still racism in the world.’ But I didn’t get into country music just to prove a point. I try to stay away from all negativity.”



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