Study Suggests ’13 Reasons Why’ May Increase Suicide Risk Among Vulnerable Teens

Netflix’s series “13 Reasons Why” has caused plenty of controversy over its depiction of suicide, and now a study shows the fears may be warranted.

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According to the study from the University of Michigan published in Psychiatric Services, a high number of youths surveyed said the show had increased their suicide risk.

87 teens participated in the survey. 43 had watched “13 Reasons Why”; of those, 21 said the show heightened the risk they would commit suicide.

“Our study doesn’t confirm that the show is increasing suicide risk but it confirms that we should definitely be concerned about its impact on impressionable and vulnerable youth,” Victor Hong, the study’s lead author, told

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“Few believe this type of media exposure will take kids who are not depressed and make them suicidal,” Hong explained. “The concern is about how this may negatively impact youth who are already teetering on the edge.”

If you or someone you know is in crisis and needs help, resources are available. In case of an emergency, please call 911 for immediate help. The Canadian Association for Suicide PreventionDepression Hurts and Kids Help Phone 1-800-668-6868 all offer ways of getting help if you, or someone you know, may be suffering from mental health issues.



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