The “Flipping Out” season finale aired Tuesday night and finally delivered the highly anticipated fight between stars and longtime friends Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos.

The blowup between the two occurred after Pulos claimed that working for Lewis stood in the way of her acting career.

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On Twitter, the spat had fans taking sides between the pair’s competing claims about the real-life situation.

Before the finale aired, Lewis spoke about the fight during his SiriusXM show on Tuesday morning.

“I am not trying to sway anyone’s opinion. I am going to let everybody watch it and everyone is going to come to their own conclusions. But I just want to point out a couple of things,” he said, according to People.

Lewis said that watching the episode was “uncomfortable” because “it is so raw.”

“There are a lot of editors that have their hands on this show and I’ve never seen the show just be filmed in real time,” Lewis said. “We film thousands and thousands of hours of TV that gets edited and manipulated but this was like a real, true, documentary.”

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He continued: “I have looked at this episode and I have had a lot of time to think about it and I wish I would have handled it differently. I probably should have not called her out in front of other people because that really embarrassed her. It wasn’t worth losing a friendship over. So I have deep regrets about that.”

Lewis has also claimed that Pulos filed wrongful termination and abuse claims against him, despite not actually have worked for him in “years.”

Pulos denied she filed any claims, and maintained that their working relationship as presented on “Flipping Out” was “very real.”

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