The blowup over Piers Morgan’s recent criticism of Little Mix has pulled in Ariana Grande.

The whole thing started when Morgan attacked the members of the girl group for posing nude in their empowering new music video for “Strip”.

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Things escalated when Little Mix member Jesy Nelson called Morgan a “tw*t,” prompting Morgan to demand an apology.

On Monday, Morgan also criticized Ellen DeGeneres for “drooling” over photos attractive male celebrities.

The “Good Morning Britain” host defended his criticism on Wednesday, calling DeGeneres a “hypocrite” and saying he wishes Little Mix would use talent to sell records instead of nudity.

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Seeing Morgan’s response and insult directed at DeGeneres, Grande decided to weigh in, slamming the TV host and reiterating that women using their sexuality is their choice.

Grande’s fans on Twitter applauded her takedown of Morgan.