Chelsea Handler may have bid adieu to the world of celebrity with the premiere of her Netflix docu-series, “Chelsea Does”;, but the comedienne isn’t shying away from sharing her thoughts.

In an exclusive interview at The Gansevoort Park Avenue in New York, Handler was bemused by the furor raised by The Life Of Pablo mastermind Kanye West.

“I’ve always thought he was a maniac and now he sounds like more of one…”; she tells ET Canada’s Sangita Patel. “He’s acted like this for years and now people are surprised he’s acting like this?”;

Another thing people may be surprised to learn is that Justin Bieber wasn’t actually Chelsea’s worst interview. “No, he wasn’t my worst guest,”; she admits. “I was just giving him crap because he’s silly.”;

With those issues out of the way, Chelsea can now concentrate on the future – a future that includes her documentary,  a series that takes the TV personality out of her element. She is no longer just interviewing celebrities but rather, taking on serious topics.

“When people watched my show [Chelsea Lately] or however they know me, you’re kind of just getting one side of me,”; she admits. But that all changes with Chelsea Does… a four-part documentary looking at marriage, technology, racism and drugs.

“I wanted to choose topics I knew something about and choose topics I knew nothing about.”;  And the experience has been an eye-opening one for Chelsea.

“When I watched the marriage doc I was watching myself and I’m like, Oh God, I feel sorry for her,”; she admits. “I guess when I was filming it didn’t feel as honest and revealing.”;

The docu-series is just the beginning of Chelsea’s relationship with Netflix. She’ll be launching a new talk show set to air three times a week on the streaming site this May.