Joyner Lucas Furthers Rap Battle With Tory Lanez By Dropping ‘ZEZE Freestyle’

The one-upmanship between Canadian rapper Tory Lanez and U.S. product Joyner Lucas continues.

Lanez and Lucas are engaging in a somewhat friendly back-and-forth, flexing their tongue-twisting wordplay in a competitive rap battle.

The feud started with Lanez claiming Lucas was not on his level as a lyricist during an Instagram Live session. This, despite the Brampton-native being better known for his hip-hop melodies. Lucas felt obligated to challenge Lanez to a rap battle for the whole world to see.

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“If your so confident my guy, let’s pick a beat,” he captioned a repost of Lanez’s comments on Tuesday. “You spit your hardest bars over it and I’ll do the same. We’ll let the people decide who ain’t f**king with who. Then we will pick a date and time and you present your version and I [will] present my version. Same exact beat so it’s fair.”

“If you’re not willing to step up and accept my proposal, then don’t ever say no silly s**t like ‘bar for bar Joyner Lucas ain’t f**king with me’ ever again in your life,” he continued. “Tag the comedian @torylanez. 😭 I love the confidence but stop it, bro.”

Lanez released a freestyle the very same day. He rapped over the “Lucky You” instrumental, an aggressive and lyrical hip-hop song released by Eminem and Lucas earlier this year. “Matter fact, riddle me that/I’m literally at the spot that he said he’d be at, but where is he at?” Lanez rapped.

Lucas wasted no time and immediately responded with “Little Freestyle” — aimed at both Lanez and Trippie Redd — on Tuesday. “They compare me to Em, they compare you to Iggy/They compare me to Meth, they compare you to Dizzy/I’m Leonardo Da Vinci, I paint a picture with colour/I already got cake and I don’t need a butler,” Lucas fired back.

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“We already got Drake and we don’t need another/I don’t really got space but I’ma eat your supper,” the “I’m Not Racist” rapper dissed. Lucas offered Lanez an olive branch in the outro of “Litty Freestyle” by telling his sparring partner, “So now that we got that out the way, let’s make a record.”

Lanez had other ideas. On Wednesday, he upped the ante with “Litty Again Freestyle”. He argued Lucas failed to make a significant impact on the industry despite support from megastars Eminem and Chris Brown: “Eminem couldn’t get ya to a million on the gram/Chris Brown tried, n***a failed both times/I done took ya page to a million in a day/If you ask me n***a I’m ya motherfucking cosign.”

Lucas again fired back on Wednesday with a freestyle for the catchy “ZEZE” beat from Kodak Black, Travis Scott and Offset.

The two rappers cleared the air in an Instagram Live video on Wednesday. The two said they were fans of one another and agreed their battle was purely sport.

The last few years have seen a resurgence of major stars using diss tracks to settle hip-hop beefs: Drake vs. Meek Mill, Nicki Minaj vs. Remy Ma, Pusha T vs. Drake, and Eminem vs. Machine Gun Kelly have all dominated headlines as of late.

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