Jacob Black must have been watching a lot of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” back in the day!

In honour of the 10th anniversary of the first “Twilight” film, star Taylor Lautner poked fun at his werewolf character, Jacob, by posting a throwback photo of his luscious long locks alongside a 2014 photo of Kendall Jenner.

“It’s been 10 years exactly since ‘Twilight’ was released in theatres,” Lautner, 26, captioned the funny Instagram post. “I thought I should take this moment to thank every single fan who has supported the franchise over the last decade, but also to thank Kendall Jenner for being my hair insp. back in 07’. Thank you fans. And thank you Kendall. #headandshoulders.”

The side-by-side photos feature a sleek-looking Kendall with the heading, “Expectation of hair behind the ears,” and a long-haired shot of Lautner, which reads, “Reality.”

ET spoke with several of the cast’s biggest stars ahead of the anniversary of the beloved film adaptation and they opened up about their experience working on the movie.

For more from the exclusive interviews, watch the clip below:


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