Michael B. Jordan proved he’s got fast hands during an appearance on Wednesday’s “Late Late Show”.

Jordan, 31, was asked how quickly he could move as James Corden, 40, quizzed him about his new movie “Creed II”.

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The actor laughed, “They’re pretty fast,” as the pair tried to slap one another’s hands before their component could move them away.

Jordan said of the eagerly anticipated flick: “What we really wanted to do was build on the relationships and the characters we established on ‘Creed 1’.”

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Corden admitted: “I’m going to go as far as to say I think ‘Creed II’ might be a better film. I think it’s brilliant.”

Jordan added of the much-loved movies: “It’s some form of metaphor in life that you’re able to use in the ring and vice versa that allows people to get inspired and motivated to accomplish their dreams and their goals.”