The 2018 Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S. is shaping up to be a pretty spectacular one at the box office.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Disney sequel “Ralph Breaks the Internet” — starring the voice of Gal Gadot as Shank — debuted Wednesday with an enormous $18.5 million, and just got bigger from there. According to updated figures from Variety, “Ralph” will bring in $84.6 million domestically over the five-day holiday period, with $56 million of that number coming in over the weekend.

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That amount would place it just behind Disney’s own “Frozen”, which debuted to a five-day total of $93.6 million in 2013 over Thanksgiving.

“Whenever we look at sequels, they have to be additive,” Cathleen Taff, Disney’s president of global distribution, told Variety of the film’s massive opening. “The filmmakers built this world out with such attention to detail that people were ready to come back and enjoy these characters. We’re really excited about the momentum as we head into the holidays.”

It isn’t just family-friendly films doing impressive numbers this weekend; the sequel “Creed II” also opened Wednesday to $11.6 million, with a five-day total of $55 million over five days, marking the biggest Thanksgiving opening for a live-action film.

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The two other major films released Wednesday got off to more disappointing starts. “Robin Hood” took in only $14.2 million during its first five days of release.

Meanwhile, the Oscar hopeful “Green Book” brought in $7.4 million over five days.