William Shatner opens up about losing his co-star and good friend Leonard Nimoy in a new book, Leonard, subtitled My Fifty Year Friendship With A Remarkable Man,”; and he tells ET Canada about the bond they shared. “A brother I’d never had is the way he and I referred to each other,”; says Shatner.

Meanwhile, In a new interview, the Star Trek star speaks candidly about dealing with agony of wife Nerine Kidd’s accidental alcohol-related death in 1999, and how Nimoy helped him through the pain.

The 84-year-old tells SiriusXM’s Tell Me Everything that no one can understand what an addict goes through.

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“I don’t understand the agony. I am empathetic to the agony. I am in agony myself, not about drinking … but whatever my agonies are,”; Shatner tells host John Fugelsang.

Nimoy, who had struggles with addictions himself, was a helpful friend who was there for Shatner as he tried to cope with his wife’s death.

“[Nimoy] helped me try to understand, Yes, agony belongs to all of us. Agony is party of the soul,”; Shatner explains. “Somebody who hasn’t felt agony hasn’t lived. Hasn’t participated in what life is. But there is a special agony for somebody who wants to give up the addiction and can’t. The shame that they must feel. The self-degradation.”;

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Shatner found his wife unconscious at the bottom of their pool, with authorities concluding her addiction to alcohol contributed to the accidental drowning.