Fan Thinks Producers May Have Ripped Off His Genius Idea For PG-13 ‘Once Upon A Deadpool’

In order to expand the reach of R-rated “Deadpool 2”, producers have come up with a clever idea for a toned-down PG-13 version dubbed “Once Upon a Deadpool” — but did they steal the concept from a tweet shared by a fan on social media nearly a year ago?

That’s what that fan is wondering, with Complex reporting how, back in December 2017, comic book artist and writer Michael Vincent Bramley tweeted “Deadpool” star Ryan Reynolds his idea of copying the “framing device” from “The Princess Bride”, with Deadpool reading a censored version of the story to Fred Savage as a bedtime story — with one twist: “A kidnapped adult Fred Savage,” he added. “There, I fixed it.”

As it turns out, Bramley’s idea isn’t just similar to “Once Upon a Deadpool” — it’s completely identical, right down to the adult kidnapped Fred Savage:

While Bramley isn’t making accusations that his concept was ripped off, he is nonetheless amazed by the eerie similarities.

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In subsequent tweets, Bramley insists he he has no plans to take legal action, and reveals Reynolds actually reached out to him — and that the whole thing “may all just have been a big insane coincidence.” He is, however, not averse to receiving some “free stuff.”

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