Margot Robbie Reveals She Felt ‘Claustrophobic’ And ‘Trapped’ Playing Queen Elizabeth I In ‘Mary Queen Of Scots’

Margot Robbie will soon be seen portraying Queen Elizabeth I in a historical drama chronicling the fraught relationship between the British monarch and her cousin, Mary Queen of Scots (Saoirse Ronan), and revealed in a new interview that the role was not an easy one for her.

Speaking with Australia’s “Today” (as reported by the Daily Mail), the “I, Tonya” Oscar nominee opened up about the surprisingly intense physical challenges presented by playing “the Virgin Queen” in the upcoming historical biopic “Mary Queen of Scots”.

“I could barely move my face because there was so much prosthetics. It’s glued-down plastic on your face,” explained Robbie, 28, of the prosthetic makeup that reportedly took three hours each morning to apply.

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In addition, the period costumes were no less uncomfortable. “The clothes were very restrictive, as they were at the time. It helped — I felt claustrophobic, I felt trapped,” she added.

“But kind of upholding this image the whole time, which is kind of what she [Elizabeth] did. She kind of created an image and then was imprisoned by it,” Robbie continued.

Robbie’s latest comments echo those made in an earlier interview with Harper’s Bazaar, in which she described the experience of playing QEI as “alienating.”

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“They’d start with a head wrap, gelling and pinning my hair down. Then we’d do a bald cap,” she recalled, adding that she wore several wigs for the role. “Surprisingly, the quick part was the white makeup and the heavily drawn-on blush, eyebrows, lips.”

“Mary Queen of Scots” debuts in theatres on Dec. 14.


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