It might be time for Hollywood to fire up the flux capacitor, because 71 per cent of Americans want to see a new “Back to the Future” movie.

According to a Hollywood Reporter and Morning Consult poll, 71 per cent of 2,201 American adults would be likely to watch more time-travelling adventures from Doc Brown and Marty McFly.

The popular sci-fi trilogy, which ended in 1990, rated higher than any other movie franchise on the survey, including “Toy Story” (69 percent), “Indiana Jones” (68 percent), “Jurassic Park” (67 percent) and “Shrek” (65 percent).

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“Back to the Future” also scored well in other areas of the survey, with 54 per cent of those polled claiming to have watched all three movies, and 82 percent having an overall favourable impression of the franchise.

In comparison, only 36 per cent reported to have seen the entire “Star Wars” series, while 73 per cent had a favourable view of the franchise.

However, while reboots and revivals are all the rage right now, not everybody was thrilled with the idea of bringing back such a beloved classic, including “Westworld” star Evan Rachel Wood.

Lucikly, for those fans not wanting a blast from the past, the series’ director Robert Zemeckis told Italian website Bad Taste earlier this year that “there will never ever be, in the most absolute way, a Back to the Future 4. There will be no more Back to the Future.”

Although, when has that ever stopped Hollywood?

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