Jerry Seinfeld Saves The Day On Jimmy Fallon’s Thanksgiving ‘Tonight Show’

Jerry Seinfeld came to the rescue on Thursday’s “The Tonight Show” when he stepped in for Jimmy Fallon who had overstuffed himself on Thanksgiving turkey.

In the show’s cold open, Seinfeld found Fallon in his dressing room, cranberry sauce smeared all over his face, shovelling handfuls of turkey and pumpkin pie into his mouth.

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“I can’t do the opening monologue; I just ate too much,” said the gluttonous host.

And so, Seinfeld saved the day, taking over monologue duties and treating the audience to some Thanksgiving-themed gags.

“It was so cold [at the Macy’s Day Parade], Spongebob’s nipples got so hard they popped the other balloons,” the 64-year-old comedian joked.

Fallon eventually digested his food and made it out to interview Seinfeld. The two chatted about the “warmth” and the “horror” of the Thanksgiving holiday, having to live through school all over again because of their kids, and the right time for older men to retire “cool jeans.”

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“There are no jeans for older men that people think look good, there’s nothing you can do,” Seinfeld explained. “You reach an age where it’s just… bad. We’re still wearing jeans but we don’t look good.”



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