British Songwriters Sue The Weeknd For Allegedly Copying Song

The Weeknd faces a legal threat over a song off his 2016 album Starboy.

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According to the BBC, British songwriters Brian Clover, Scott McCulloch and Billy Smith are alleging that the Canadian rapper’s track “A Lonely Night” copied a key part from their own 2004 song “I Need to Love”.

The Weeknd’s lawyers have denied the allegations.

According to the trio, they had attempted to sell three of their songs to record labels before rights reverted back to them in November 2016, two weeks before the release of Starboy.

“We had the song on hold for a few things like ‘Pop Idol’ but it never got used, so then a label took the song on to flog it but it never got sold,” Clover says.

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He continues, “We have never had a hit, we have had songs on hold but never got over the line. It is frustrating because it has always been our goal to have our names on an album by an artist.”



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