Kelly Rowland Has Got No Chill On New Self-Titled Single ‘Kelly’

Kelly Rowland is back with her first solo single in five years and she wants everyone to know: She’s got no chill.

The eponymous track is a confident club banger, with an Atlanta trap-influenced beat and tons of heavy bass. Rowland brings a serious swagger to the instrumental with some brilliantly brash lyrics.

“Kelly got class, Kelly got a**, Kelly’s got a man, Kelly pop tabs,” she sings on the song’s catchy chorus. “Kelly ain’t got no chill, Kelly don’t really give a f*** how you feel, Kelly ain’t home no mo’ n***a, Kelly got a foot on your throat n***a.”

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“Kelly” is Rowland’s first solo music release since her 2013 album Talk A Good Game, though she did team up with Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliott earlier this year on the track “Get It”.

The 37-year-old singer also appeared at Coachella back in April as part of Beyoncé’s show-stealing set. Rowland, along with Queen Bey and Michelle Williams, had a mini-Destiny’s Child reunion, performing classic tracks such as “Say My Name” and “Soldier”.

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In July, Rowland spoke to Vogue Australia about working on new music, revealing that she “couldn’t help herself” from recording despite pulling back in recent years.

“I still felt like I was missing something,” she explained. “The third year just came and left so fast. The fourth year I said: ‘I have to get to work’ and now I’m ready to release some music!”

Speaking about the new album, Rowland said, “It’s about love, loss, and gain, and whether it’s professional or with family or whatever, it’s just honest. I had no choice but to be honest and authentic with this record: it’s about friendship and marriage.”

There is currently no release date set for the new album.



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