Newlyweds Kit Harington and Rose Leslie were just married this summer but some shocking new allegations are bubbling around the internet that the “Game of Thrones” star has already been unfaithful to his wife of five months.

The rumour started when Russian model/actress shared a nude photo of Harington online, fast asleep on a rumpled bed with a laptop computer next to him.

According to a Russian magazine, Olga Vlasova (star of Russian TV series “Doma-2”) claims that she met Harington, 31, in Luxembourg, where they hit it off and wound up in bed together.

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The unsubstantiated claim was picked up by gossip-monger Perez Hilton and other sites, referencing Vlasova’s assertions that she and Harington first hooked up during his engagement to Leslie, and continued their affair after the couple’s wedding.

However, Hilton points out the photo could have easily been faked or stolen from the cloud; furthermore, the photo itself offers no evidence whatsoever to back up Vlasova’s story.

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To shed some light, ET Canada reached out to Harington’s rep, who denies Vlasova’s claims.

“The allegations in this story are completely false,” said the rep. “[Harington] has never even been to Luxembourg nor has he ever met Olga Vlasova.”

Harington and Leslie, also 31, met when she was cast as Jon Snow’s love interest Ygritte on the HBO hit in 2012, and wed in the Scottish village Kirkton in June 2018 after announcing their engagement last year.

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